About Us

Momentum NYC Personal Training is dedicated to offering premium

quality personal training emphasizing a balanced fitness program for

a healthy lifestyle. We strongly believe in fitness and the benefits of a

healthy lifestyle for multiple reasons whether for mood enhancement

or weight loss or even focus.

Our core values are fitness, health & commitment. We are dedicated

and passionate about fitness, health and nutrition and that’s what

makes us great! Our team is solely composed of athletes and sports

amateurs in order to fully understand and respect our mission.



We offer tailored personal training sessions in your nearest parks or at

home and includes a diet guideline for a more effective impact on

your goals.

We are also working in collaboration with nutritionists and Doctors

who developed juicing diets which use nutrients' active components

and reduced significantly weight without deficiency



Tel: 1 (917) 402-0724


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What People Are Saying..

“The workouts are fun but intense. I recently joined but could already see the difference on my body! They know what they are doing and it feels great to know that I can count on them. Also very flexible with schedule which is great when

having a busy job!”

Laurie-Anne - Business development

“I have been working out with Momentum NYC Personal Training for quite some time now. They really offer Premium services and are always positive and great fun! Great way to start your day! If you live in NYC and need to get in mad shape, reach out to them.”

William, Sales Director

“Hell of a workout! They push you to a point you realize that you are stronger than you think and it feels great, not only physically but mentally.”

Kyra - Creative director

The one-to-one training I receive from Momentum has elevated my fitness to an entirely new level! The trainers have a great deal of expertise, and they were able to quickly get me up and running with a personalized exercise and nutrition program that has delivered amazing results. The regiment has been dynamic, encouraging and fun, and I would highly

recommend Momentum to anyone looking to reach their fitness goals.“

Brendan - Investment Banking Professional

I started working with Momentum NYC Personal Training in September 2015. I have always suffered from constant back and neck issues from working in an office and sitting at a desk for most of my day. I have tried going to a chiropractor on a monthly basis and only felt well for the next 24hrs after my visit. When I met Robin, we started with stretching exercises for my lower back and extended them to shoulders and neck. Through my weekly sessions, he not only concentrated on the stretching but helped change my way of life. I am now eating differently, more conscience of my posture and how I sit at work and we have moved onto a weight loss program. Robin’s knowledge of how the body operates and of each trigger point has really helped to reduce the pain, eliminate stress and help me towards my ideal weight. Robin is very personable, caring and attentive. He will make you feel comfortable with yourself and his sole mission is for you to see results! Thank you Momentum NYC Personal Training for everything! You are truly amazing! I have never felt better and I am now looking forward to moving into the next phase with personal training sessions each week.

Ed - Director with Global Investment bank

“It's hard yes but so worth it! Results beyond what I  expected! Definitely recommend it.”

Monica - Model